September 14, 2012

Take Twelve: September Edition

This was actually taken the eve of the twelfth, but too sweet not to include.

We are totally a morning family. This was the scene I came back to after my five mile run.

It took me a little getting used to, but we are very fond of our new Ikea French Press.

Sweet napping baby.

My ride.

Ben and Genevieve stopped by before picking Juliette up from school.

Exploring the bookshelf.

Sermon writing.

Thirty members of First Congo went to the airport to welcome our dear Thurb back from his Honor Flight. It was awesome.

This was the only woman on the honor flight. I would love to know her story.

The look on Thurb's face when he saw the crowd from church was priceless.

Honoring a good man.

I love to Take Twelve.


  1. When I saw the Honor Flight return at National they had Glenn Miller blaring in the airport, and people came from all over the airport to dance, wave, clap for all the veterans... it was pretty amazing. Very few dry eyes. Glad you got to welcome someone home like that. I love all your pictures : )

  2. This is a brand new meme to me - what fun. And these are GREAT pictures.


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