September 21, 2012

First Place Runner

I recently wrote about how my Mama's running habit inspired my own; visit Jennifer Luitwieler's place for the whole story.

In that post, I mentioned that she had been training for a 5k to celebrate her seventieth birthday.

She not only finished the race, she won in her age group.

(So what if there were only two people in her age group. THEY WERE THE ONLY TWO PEOPLE OVER SEVENTY STILL RUNNING!)

I am so, so, so proud.

Congratulations, Mama.


  1. Way to go, Mrs. W!!! That's just plain awesome!

  2. Let's hear it for the Mamas! And yours, most especially. Congrats.

  3. Nice job Mrs. Willis.

    There was an 82 year old guy in my triathlon. I saw him before the race and thought "You win all the prizes."

  4. I hope to keep kicking asphalt, just like your mama.


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