May 1, 2012

Any *May* a Beautiful Change

Another photo Marie took during the book cover shoot. (And no, we had no idea we were doing a book cover shoot at the time.)
In a Q&A just published today as part of the Patheos Book Club, I wrote:
I started a blog on a whim in 2004. I pilfered a line for my blog title (giving credit, of course) from a song by The Innocence Mission, one of my favorite bands. The song begins, “Oh I’m going to find some peace of mind. At any time I could change, any day, a beautiful change.” There’s a lot of hope in that lyric – the hope that things will be better. That I will be better. The hope of repentance and transformation, I think. I’ve kept the blog with the title Any Day a Beautiful Change for quite some time now, and along the way the line became a sort of mantra for my life. It’s not just that I seek those beautiful changes – though I am kind of a strive-to-be-better type of person. I also try to pay attention and name the beautiful changes when they happen. 
To celebrate the book launch, Elizabeth helped me put together a little blog carnival of sorts, which we are calling Any May a Beautiful Change. (How could it not be called this??)

We invited some bloggers to write about beautiful changes in their own lives - ones they've experienced along the way, or ones they hope to realize. They will get the party started, and everyone is welcome to join in! If you don't have a blog, you can simply respond in the comment section.

(Pssst: lurkers, that means you too!) 

I hope you enjoy reading these posts and attending to all the beautiful changes in your midst.


  1. Hi there! New follower coming from Elizabeth's blog!

  2. I hope to link in just a few days - baby boy has had a series of sleepless days of growth spurt feeding - yikes!! ;)

  3. AnonymousMay 03, 2012

    I had a very recent "any day a beautiful change" moment.

    I had my iPod playing music in my ears as I waited to give my resignation at work. The titular Innocence Mission song came up serendipitously one minute before I was to meet with boss to give her the news.

    I took it as an affirmation for making this choice for a new path in life. :)


  4. I just finished reading your book. And I want to say thank you for writing. I will have to revisit it again. And I may end up taking part in the blog carnival.....

  5. AnonymousMay 08, 2012

    I just downloaded your book to my Kindle and am anxious to read it.


  6. Just posted my contribution today! May has turned out to be quite a change-full month for me the last couple of years.


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