February 2, 2011

Snow Day

They really weren't kidding this time; the snowfall measurement topped out at 20.2 inches, third only to the major blizzards of '67 and '99. It was eerily quiet this morning. Normally, since we live on a busy street, we're awakened by the rush hour traffic. This morning there wasn't a peep. In addition to the heavy snowfall, there was also a lot of wind, and therefore huge snowdrifts.
There's an entire kid-sized picnic table under there somewhere.

Ben helped shovel our next door neighbors' drive first - they have a snowblower, but it didn't really work very well in the driveway entrance. They had to get their driveway cleared as she's a doctor on call.

After a break, we all bundled up to go outside. The sun came out, and it was just lovely. Ben had his work cut out for him:What you can't see in this picture is the other neighbor behind me, who came over with his mega blower to help dig out our driveway entrance.

Juliette and I had a blast. Ben wouldn't let me shovel much (that one-two punch of baby + bad back really gets me out of certain activities), but I helped Juliette make snow angels and swing. I had to raise the swing about a foot to make it high enough. I made as many snow angels as Juliette, only I don't have a fancy snowsuit, so I ended up with a lot of snow up my back.

Here's Juliette standing on the buried chair:
Ben had just gone in to take another break when two more neighbors drove up with shovels in the trunk - my Senior Pastor and another church member, making the Good Neighbor rounds. They knocked out the rest of the driveway in less than a half an hour:I think the biggest and best memory of this day will always be what wonderful neighbors we have.


  1. I am very happy you live in the midst of such fantastic people.

  2. I think it is wonderful that neighbors help neighbors. We have the same thing here with the next door neighbor and the neighbor across the street. It is nice to come home from a trip the day after a big storm and have the driveway AND sidewalk cleared. I usually do the sidewalk all the way to the ends of the block, but my neighbor got a new snowplow that takes care of that in about 10 minutes. From the looks of outside right now, it's about time to go out again.

  3. I am late to the party, but I must agree that neighbors, and really great neighbors!, make all the difference, don't they?

    I like your one-two punch of getting out of shoveling duty, Nice.

  4. i'm playing catch up on your blog and just wanted to say congrats on two accounts: the completion of your manuscript and your pregnancy! never a dull moment around your house...

    take care,


  5. So, do you think Juliette is still a California girl at heart, or did all the snow win her over?

  6. i am just getting to catch up on your blog and i'm always amazed at how closely our lives run. i have tsh's book on hold at the library. i just finished zeitoun. i'm sure there are more so i'm going to go back and read some more! you're almost halfway there, right! (to baby!)

  7. congratulatons on the ...manuscript. I have been totally out of the loop working on my dissertation. I would like to know when it is published and the title.


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